What is TEMAIRAZU DANTAI (Group) Travel

Flow diagram of TEMAIRAZU DANTAI Travel

Group accommodation reservations can be managed by TEMAIRAZU. Individual and group accommodation reservations are managed together by TEMAIRAZU,Reservation can be entered by telephone, fax, or e-mail from travel agencies, etc. However, you can get free with our system from the complexity of managing paper ledgers and spreadsheet software.Basic functions are provided on the TEMAIRAZU Series! *

* Some functions can be used by separately contracting a paid option.


Real-time data sharing in the cloud

By registering with Temairazu Group accommodation reservations from travel agencies can be managed Management in the cloud now available, and information can be shared and confirmed between different persons and departments in real-time.


Basic functions are available for free *

Basic functions such as group project registration and reminder settings are provided as standard with the TEMAIRAZU Series, so they can be used for free of charge.

* Some functions can be used by paid option.


Room inventory & PMS linked *

If you register the reservation information of each room from the group accommodation reservation project, the room inventory managed by TEMAIRAZU will be adjusted and the reservation information will be notified to PMS.

* A separate paid option contract is required.

Basic functions of TEMAIRAZU DANTAI Travel

List of group reservations

Check group bookings in a list

You can check the registered group reservation items in a list. This makes it easier to check the status of a project and makes it possible to quickly determine whether or not to accept a group reservation. Of course, you can also search for deals by schedule or status.

Screen for setting the reminder

Notification of the deadline for the provisional reservation etc.

We will send you a reminder by e-mail when the specified date is reached. Prevents omission of important work such as confirmation of temporary reservation.

Function that supports upload and download of information

Supports download / upload of information

You can download the group reservation item information as a CSV file. The output data can be used in various tasks, such as creating a list with spreadsheet software and printing it out, or processing and analyzing the matter. Also, it supports importing data, and TEMAIRAZU can also manage group bookings that were separately managed.

Functions available with optional use

Inventory and PMS linking

Inventory linked & PMS linked with reservation information registration *

You can register accommodation reservation data for each room from the registered DANTAI. Group reservation-specific reservations with different room types can be registered together. Of course, the registered reservation information will be linked with TEMAIRAZU to adjust room inventory and link reservation data to PMS. Also, if you cancel the group reservation itself, the accommodation reservation for each registered room type will be canceled at the same time.

* A separate paid option contract is required.

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