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What is Channel Manager?

24/7 Automatic Adjustment

Channel Manager collectively manages room inventory, plan sales prices, reservation information, etc from multiple reservation sites for accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns. By controlling information collectively, you can reduce costs and maximize profits efficiently with reservation management operations.

In the conventional accommodation reservation management (* no need "system"), multiple reservation sites are operated individually, and to avoid the risk of overbooking, the number of guest rooms in stock is distributed and registered for each accommodation reservation site. As a result, inventory management work at each accommodation reservation site takes time and effort, and unsold items may occur. By using the Channel Manager, inventory adjustment can be performed automatically, which leads to more efficient inventory management. Also, since it is possible to centrally manage multiple accommodation reservation sites, it is possible to minimize the occurrence of unsold items.

Benefits of using Channel Manager


Expansion of sales channels

Since it is possible to manage multiple accommodation reservation sites centrally, it is possible to expand sales channels by handling many linked reservation sites inside and outside the country and reach non acquired potential customers.


Management cost reduction

Since each accommodation reservation site updates can be managed automatically 24/7, leading efficient management, reducing human costs, and the workflow can be unified.


Maximize profits

Efficient inventory management leads to the prevention of unsold opportunities, and optimal sales target management and price-setting enable the accurate approach to the target.

Features of the Channel Manager "TEMAIRAZU"

Features of the Channel Manager

The Channel Manager "TEMAIRAZU" integrates the three management functions of room inventory, plan prices, and reservation information, which is mainly managed by accommodation facilities, This is the interface that is easy for anyone to operate. It has received comments from the accommodation facilities that it is an easy-to-use channel manager. Also, departments such as customer support, development, and sales work closely together to support the operation of accommodation facilities by coordinating with real-time updates and high functionality, abundant customer attraction channels, and related systems.

Image of all the services that can be linked

* Best channel manager in Japan

We cooperate with many accomodation reservation sites, such as domestic and global major lodging reservation sites.Also, we link with own reservation system (booking engine) and sites focusing on luxury lodging, welfare-related and regional specialization.large number of foreign are also linked, and it is possible to attract inbound customers worldwide. In addition, you can reach the B2B market by cooperating with wholesalers, increase the traffic on your company's website by cooperating with a meta search site. Finally, the accommodation can capture a wide range of tourists with us.

* As of January 2020's premium partner

Received an award as premier partner from

TEMAIRAZU is the only recommended channel manager in Japan for is the world's largest hotel reservation site with more than 940,000 rooms posted in Japan and more than 3 billion check-ins worldwide.'s Connectivity Partner Program is dedicated to improving product functionality and convenience in all four categories: business value, accommodation performance, product & quality, and engagement. It is highly regarded and is recognized as a top-tier Premier Partner.

Private lodging market

Responding to the expanding vacation rentals market

The vacation rentals market, which is expanding with the increase in foreign tourists visiting Japan, is attracting attention as a new source of revenue for accommodation facilities. Temairazu has been linked the world's largest booking site "Airbnb" with its's first reservation channel manager system. Starting with that, we have been collaborating a business partnership with AsiaYo as well, the largest private lodging agency in Taiwan.

Image of Real Agent management

Booking through real agent is supported as well

TEMAIRAZU is not only able to manage booking sites, but real agents as well. By using the real agent module, it is possible to take in booking information from a travel agency and automatically send reservation notification to the hotel, update inventory count in all the reservation sites linked with the hotel thus enabling unified management. Of course, it also supports reservation information output to PMS, greatly improving efficiency.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets

Compatible with smartphones and tablets

It is compatible with smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. In addition, it can be managed by multiple terminals connected to the Internet, and can be managed from anywhere such as the headquarters.

TEMAIRAZU Series (Versions)

Introducing a new and improved version


High performance and high quality!

Accommodations can increase sales opportunities and manage inventory in real time. The short-time reservation alert function can avoid overbooking by automatically adjusting sales when reservations are concentrated. With "TEMAIRAZU.NET2", the management of the reservation site can be streamlined, and the room occupancy rate can be significantly increased, thereby improving profits and reducing costs


Enabling the next generation of revenue management

The "target price" function that can automatically adjust the selling price according to the number of stocks. The "automatic sales adjustment function" that automatically adjusts the selection of the reservation site to sell to. With these functions, you can adjust the selling price according to the situation, maximize profits, optimize the posting cost on the reservation site, and achieve more advanced revenue management than conventional products. Accommodations that have introduced TEMAIRAZU YIELD can respond to the rapidly growing foreign tourist market in Japan, increase occupancy rates and average room prices, reduce costs and maximize profits.

Introductory Flow



Our staff will visit and give a demonstration using a PC.



After deciding on the application details and the introduction schedule, send the "Usage Application Form" by fax.


Preparation of site information

Our staff will set the information of the accommodation reservation site of the facility. Please prepare the ID and password information of the accommodation reservation site.


Introduction and operation explanation

Our staff will visit and explain the installation work and operation. If you have any questions about operation or function, please feel free to ask.

Customer Support


Accurate and Quick Response

All staff have complete information abour the TEMAIRAZU Series. They have easy access to the other members of the Temairazu team, thus beiing able to provide accurate and prompt support.


Support During Check-in hours

Timings are from 10 am to 9pm (Weekdays), thus making it easy to contact us during the routine Check-in hours.


Email Support

Inquiries can be done through email as well, any time of the day and any time of the year. So you can be rest assured even during off call hours.


Backup Data to ensure safety

As it is an ASP service, important reservation information will not be lost even if the PC has a hardware malfunction. In addition, wa will have data backup for the information as well.

Usage Environment and operating conditions

Supported OS
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X or higher
Supported browsers
  • Microsoft Edge(Current version)
  • Mozilla Firefox(Current version)
  • Google Chrome(Current version)
  • Safari(Current version)
Internet connected requirements High speed Internet connection. Always connected to the internet
(Must be connected to the internet to get the most recent/ latest updates from TEMAIRAZU).
As using the system, you need connection internet for receive and update information.For internet connection you need a contract with an internet provider
Mobiles Optimized for mobiles smartphones and tablets as well

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