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Easy handling of the surge of number of hotel reservations and follow up with quick response.

[Short-Term Reservation Occurrence Alert]

During special ocassions, festivals or events there usually is a surge in the number of hotel reservations, here you are able to automatically stop sale of stock as and when necessary. You can instantly recognize reservations due to unforeseen circumstances, thus be able to prevent overbooking and adjust rates accordingly

Instantly get notified in case of low inventory

[Inventory No. alert]

A notification will be sent when the room inventory falls below a certain threshold.As a result you can easily keep track of your inventory.

Managing inventory rates when it exceeds midnight

[Midnight function]

Even if it exceeds the given date, it can be managed as stock for the day. If you sell a plan that allows you to check-in after 24:00 on the day, you can adjust the plan in such a way that the stock follows the previous day's pricing until the preset time

Analyze inventory and make long-term inventory adjustments

[Batch Registration of Inventory No. function]

The room inventory can be collectively reflected from an excel file. This feature thus makes it easier for long-term inventory adjustments. Similarly you can also view the room inventory information for a season as an excel file, thus giving you a complete overview for easy analysis.

Easy change of Plan Extensions

[Extension of Plan Sales Period]

By simply selectng the plan and specifying the period you want to extend uptil, you can extend the sales period with ease.You can immediately extend the sales period and start selling without having to log into the admin panel of each booking site.

Restrict stock sale for selected groups and increase unit rates

[Sales close by No. of People Calendar]

You can stop sell [by choosing the number of occupants to restrict for] for selected dates. Sale can be stopped for less number of occupants on high occupancy days, thus increasing the average unit rates.

Efficient management of Price group calendar

[Rate group batch setting]

The setting such as price rank and sales close for eachmonth set in a price group calendar can be copied to other calendars with ease. Multiple price group calendar can be set easily thus resulting in efficient sales management.

Plan registration, start and stop sales

[Centralized Management for Plans]

Plan information created on TEMAIRAZU's admin panel can be registered collectively for a set of reservation sites, thus reducing overload. This function also supports editing plan information and start/stop sales in bulk, eliminating the need to update the admin panel for each of these reservation sites with different operation methods, consequently reducing the overhead cost of plan maintenance.

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