What is TEMAIRAZU mini

TEMAIRAZU mini display information of multiple properties on the same screen.Then it can centrally manage room inventories, sales prices, reservations and so on. TEMAIRAZU mini is suitable system directed at small scale properties and vacation rentals.

TEMAIRAZU mini admin panel

Features of TEMAIRAZU mini


Connection with more than 200 distribution channels

TEMAIRAZU mini collectively manage wide variety distribution channels such as Intenational OTAs, Domestic OTAs, booking engines, whole salers, meta searches and so on. You can expand sales channels effectively with Temairazu mini.


The reservation information acquisition is real time.

The reservation information is acquired stably and on the real time. Because it is operated by current system. Also, we could minimize interval time from reservation information acquisition to updating inventory.The accomodation can sell their inventory until near full bookings.


Data connection with PMS

TEMAIRAZU mini can connect the data with PMS and check-in system. Also, you can cantrally manage customer information with sales information.

Notice: You separately need the contract of paid optional function.

Basic function of TEMAIRAZU mini

Basic function of TEMAIRAZU mini

Manage Inventories and reservations

TEMAIRAZU mini centrally manage room inventories and price settings for multiple properties on the same screen. You do not have any requirement for operating each management of each property when you operate stop sale and changing prices.

 Grouping function

Grouping function

You can make groups from managed properties. Also, you can select users for managing groups. This grouping can be arranged if the person in charge for each propety is different from each other. You can manage stop sale and prices in the group. (It will be implemented in the near future.)

Introductory Flow


Meeting & Introduction

Our staff will visit and give a demonstration using a PC. Also, they will explain our services.



After deciding on the application details and the introduction schedule, send the "Usage Application Form" by fax or email.

Notice: The contracted term of TEMAIRAZU mini is 1 year.


Preparation of site information

Our staff will set the information of the accommodation reservation site of the facility. Please prepare the ID and password information of the accommodation reservation site.


Introduction and operation explanation

Our staff will visit and explain the installation work and operation. If you have any questions about operation or function, please feel free to ask.

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For inquiries about the Temairazu Channel Manager, please click here. Please feel free to inquire about installation costs and usage fees.

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