Expanding sales channels by using the channel manager with strength in inbound travelers

HOTEL SHE, OSAKA was opened in Benten-cho, Osaka in September 2017, and is a social hotel where the guests can meet the Osaka locals. Spend the nights with pizza, coffee and music in the downtown with Showa retro atmosphere near USJ and Kaiyukan.

The hotel design is based on blue bricks with a warm sense of handcraft and glamorous feeling at the same time, incorporating the history of the town of Benten, which flourished as a port town. Some events such as pop culture artists gallery and DJ events are held at this place also.

Interview with Mr. Kentaro Nakamura, General Manager of HOTEL SHE, OSAKA / L&G GLOBAL BUSINESS Inc.

System that is easy-to-look and easy-to use

The system is very easy to use. Especially the inventory control page and the rate calendar page are very easy to look and operate. It's a system we use every day, so the usability is an important factor.

We also use “Booking Analyzer” function to analyze reservation data. Since the data is shown on various analysis axes such as sales amount and booking status for each booking channel, we check it every day and use it in our marketing strategy.

In addition, we use “Reservation Info Input” function to manage reservations made other than OTA (online travel agent), such as those made by phone or by employees and related parties. We enter all those reservations information into TEMAIRAZU using “Reservation Info Input” function and centrally manage all reservations with TEMAIRAZU. Managing reservation information is also related to data analysis, so it is helpful to be able to manage everything together.


Changes to minds of staffs and how the hotels should be

In terms of efforts to deal with COVIT-19, we wondered what we could do in this era while we were closed for 1 month in April 2020 and decided to release “Hotel Shelter” the following month. Efforts were made to ensure that properties could be used as host properties for people who need isolated place for prevention of COVIT-19, or for other domestic problem reasons. In response to our effort, we received an offer from the government for us to provide properties as evacuation shelters in case of emergency.

Number of business trips had decreased and the business use of the hotel had plunged. Amid the decline in tourism, the number of people from Osaka city and Osaka prefecture who stay at our hotel seeking for extraordinary experience had increased which has helped us a lot. Since our hotel is based on the concept of lifestyle, I feel that mind of our staffs and the way the hotel should be have changed to become more essential so that neighbors can experience extraordinary experiences.

Big advantage when considering sales channel expansion

Channel manager “TEMAIRAZU” is indispensable to centrally manage reservation information and sales on booking sites. That's all to it.

We are currently using major global booking sites such as and Expedia to attract inbound travelers, but there are still many booking sites that we have not used yet. Since we use channel manager to manage all the sales channels, it is difficult to post our inventories on the sites which are not connected to channel manger. However, TEMAIRAZU is connected with not only domestic booking sites and booking engines but also wide range of wholesalers and global booking engines which can be helpful to attract inbound travelers. That is a great advantage to use TEMAIRAZU when we want to expand the sales channels.

The social hotel where the classical style of blue brick blends into the city that flourished as a port city.
The social hotel where the classical style of blue brick blends into the city that flourished as a port city.


1-2-5 Ichioka, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 552-0012

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