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MUJI HOTEL GINZA is the first hotel in Japan of "MUJI HOTEL" that embodies the idea of "MUJI" brand. UDS Co., Ltd. is engaged in planning, interior design, operation, and management under the concept and interior design supervision of providing Ryohin Keikaku Co,. Ltd.. While aiming for a relaxing space where you can return from the town of Ginza, the guest rooms pursue usability and comfortable sleep.

This time, we interviewed Ms. Fukushima, the manager of "MUJI HOTEL GINZA".

I decided to use Temairazu to introduce the Channel Manager

While managing sales on multiple sites, we are trying to issue the same plan to all sites, so it is very efficient and able to set prices collectively with Temairazu. It helps to finish the work without working on various sites here and there. In addition, I often use the "sales stop group setting" that allows you to group the plans of each site and set the closing in a batch, and you can easily change the sales for each group just by switching the check box on and off. Because I can do it, management has become very easy. It was also a story among the staff that it would have been nice to have such a function before the introduction.

Nacasa & Partners
Nacasa & Partners

If we have any questions, we can ask immediately. It is relief for us because the support is accurately.

We are aiming job where we can enjoy our work, propose things and things that we want, make our customers happy, and be helpful to society. For that reason, we are struggling every day in Covid-19, we are working to create new positive ideas, such as proposing hotels for uses other than accommodation.

When we are planning various challenging plans and decide to use the guest room as a workspace for sale, we had contacted the sales staff and the customer support center many times about how to add the guest room and made various settings during listening. Since each facility has a sales representative, the response when contacting is quicker. We are very grateful that the customer support center also responds content of the response quickly and accurately.

I like the interface that anyone can easily manage!

For us, the Channel Manager is indispensable for improving the efficiency of reservation management. It is helpful that even part-time staff can manage it with simple operations in daily operations. To operate inventory, just enter a number of inventory and press the enter key. There are many young staff. Therefore it is difficult for them if the channel manager require many operations in multiple stages. However Temairazu is a simple interface, so training is very easy for us.

I think that the Channel Manager is only one efficient solution for managing to assign the same plan for all sites. It is helpful as a system that is easy for all staff to use.

I like the interface that anyone can easily manage!
"Anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap"
Nacasa & Partners
"Anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap" A base for traveling to enjoy Ginza with the feeling of the usual growth of life and confortable traveling.


6 Floor, 3-3-5, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0061

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