Hotel Mei

System flexibility leads to more efficient operations and sales increase

Hotel Mei is a urban boutique hotel located close to major Hakata sightseeing spots but with calm atmosphere away from the noise of city. In addition to serving as a base for Hakata sightseeing, the hotel offers conformable experiences for all the guests including guest rooms designed for comfort, a cafe lounge where you can enjoy unique food culture, and a local collaboration created with local people.

Interview with Ms. Momoko Sagawa, Head of Hotel Division, 7garden Inc.

Appreciate the overwhelming ease of use and customizable flexibility

I am in charge of operation using TEMAIRAZU, but the visibility of the main inventory control page is overwhelming. Simple design, easy-to-use UI/UX and visibly usable even for the first time user without any training. Rates can also be displayed in a different color for each rank, and the rank name will pop up. It is easy to understand visually, and I feel that it leads to good work efficiency. In addition, we appreciate that we can flexibly change the contents of the inventory control page and customize it in the way fits to our use, such as display it in red when the inventory is low.

Also, various manuals and FAQs provided are very helpful. Detailed information and precautions are included so that you can find the information you want to know. You don't even need to contact the customer support center because the manuals usually provide you the answers. Including such an ease of mind, using TEMAIRAZU has an advantage.

Hotel Mei

Upgrading to “TEMAIRAZU YIELD” enabling detailed revenue control

There are many functions offered that can be flexibly adapted to the hotel's operation. In particular, what we can do has changed significantly since we upgraded to TEMAIRAZU YIELD.

“We use“ “Inventory No. alert” function to show the alert when the number of inventory becomes 1 or zero. We adjust the number of room to sell for each room type, and if we see the alert, we check the status and we rise the rate if the demand looks high. With this function, we are able to control the revenue and the inventory in detail. And it makes easy to take the last minute reservation and reservations are coming in constantly even a day before or on the day of the stay.

Data analysis features such as daily/monthly reports and booking analytics, and the page is easy to see and the data is accurate so you can obtain reliable information. In other companies' systems, we needed to do a lot of settings and operations before we can see the information we wanted to know, and CSV export was also necessary, so it was a lot of work, but with TEMAIRAZU, we can easily check the data within the page which makes our operation easier as we need to check those data every day.

As the number of inbound visitors is expected to increases in the future, we will need foreign staffs so we can communicate with guests in English, so the Japanese/English switching function will also be helpful. It is also good that you can use it at overseas bases.

We are happy with not only the system but also the sales and support structure.

We have great impression with support structure of TEMAIRAZU. We have a sales representative who always responds kindly and promptly. It is also very helpful that we can receive positive information such as the trend of other hotels and the industry in addition to how to use the system and its functions.

The speed at which inquiries are answered is very important because the channel manager is the system that is most affected when misconfigured. The customer support team of TEMAIRAZU is very quick to answer and respond politely when we inquire about the system and also when we apply for connecting with the booking sites.

We want to attract customers in various ways to meet the needs of the world. The functions and system flexibility of TEMAIRAZU that enable us to achieve these goals not only contribute to the operational efficiency of reservation and sales management, but also to the sales of our hotel. We are satisfied with the visibility of the screen, the operability of inventory and rate control of the system, and also the sales and customer support team of TEMAIRAZU.

Hotel Mei
Modern boutique hotel in Hakata Tenjin
Modern boutique hotel in Hakata Tenjin

Hotel Mei

2-16-19 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0003

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