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Expand sales channels mainly for wholesalers

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Positive impact on raising revenue by controlling plans. We spoke with Mr. Hideaki Aikura, Revenue Manager.

I decided to introduce the TEMAIRAZU Series because I judged that it lead future for sales channel expansion

About 130 years ago, "Chinzanso" was built on the hill of Mejiro, derived from the place name Tsubakiyama, and was rebuilt as "Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo" in January 2013. It has a high level of recognition as a wedding hall, and we wanted to expand its sales channels in order to increase its recognition as a hotel with accommodations as well.I used a Channel Manager from another company before the introduction of The TEMAIRAZU Series, but since the other brach facilities were using Temairazu, there would be chances of information leak. Also after hearing that that the response time was fast and that the number of channels were also high. Then I decided to give TEMAIRAZU a try. Regarding the connected channel, it was amazing that it could handle not only domestic sites but also major overseas sites and wholesalers as well. Wholesalers have strong point for getting many repeating customers. Therefore, we can get them with wholesalers. Also It is big advantage for us that whosalers channels can be managed centerlizely with other channels.

I wanted something on these lines

TEMAIRAZU responds to the hotels meticulously and quickly. The advantage is that it is very simple to adjust inventory and rates on one screen by using Temairazu, but due to the characteristics of the hotel's sales, it requires not only room units but also plan units, resulting in a bottleneck When we asked for improvement, we asked for the function be developed according to the image we had in mind and implemented as a standard function. This is now being used as a standard function for other hotels as well. The management systemfor the hotel runs smoothly with the help of TEMAIRAZU. Our revenue and profits are also much higher compared to that of the previous year. Regarding customer support, I think that everyone in charge has a firm understanding of the screen configuration. Any trouble you have can be easily answered promptly and in a detailed manner.

TEMAIRAZU is essential for our hotel and is suited to our needs

By updating the master information the same information can be reflected in all the reservation sites connected to that hotel.Uniformity of data can be maintained (sales promotion and branding is not required) and also increase work efficiency. It is an indispensable resource for us.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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