Setouchi Retreat Aonagi

Creating time to focus on hospitality and cater to customers by improving business efficiency

We interviewed Mr. Shinpei Shibata, the marketing section, onkochishin inc.

TEMAIRAZU created a new period with improved hospitality.

Recently, online reservations have become mainstream, and it has become necessay for the hotels to register with various booking sites in order to obtain customers (since different customers use different websites to book their hotels). However, this is a tedious operation and has to be looked into everyday. It was very difficult to memorize and manage the operation method of each admin panel of multiple accommodation reservation sites.After installing the TEMAIRAZU Series, management became much easier and I was able to spend more time on other tasks. Of course, several accommodation reservation sites can be managed on a single screen and automatically adjusted, but Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU is very easy to operate with. With a few clicks, you can set up closing and adjust sales prices, and you can adjust inventory with the same operational feeling as updating in a spreadsheet,thus greatly reducing the work load.Improving operational efficiency has made it possible to spend more time on hospitality, which is of utmost importance for hotels, and I feel that the quality of service for our has greatly improved.

The customer support of TEMAIRAZU is perfect

The Customer Center are all full time employees who are prompt and give accurate and detailed responses no matter who you are, you will be easily able to backtrack and find the solutioo to the cause with their careful and accurate guidance. With their knowledge of the admin panel, you will be smoothly guided on the countermeasures and how to use the functions according to each case, and you can immediately call when you do not understand or have even a little anxiety.

Another important support is human resource

TEMAIRAZU is one of human resource for us, because we do not have to focus on tasks such as attracting customers, adjusting inventory, receiving reservation information, and adjusting sales prices.

Surrender yourself to the blue sky and the sea, and find peace and calm
Setouchi Retreat Aonagi
Surrender yourself to the blue sky and the sea, and find peace and calm

Setouchi Retreat Aonagi

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