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With inbound attention,Centralized management of overseas OTAs and wholesalers is also possible,Increase sales by streamlining reservation management operations and developing OTA at low cost.

From Shinjuku Washington Hotel Sales Reservation Section Makoto Mitsuda

In addition to domestic OTAs, various overseas OTAs and wholesalers, Hotel group facilities for management

What are the benefits of managing overseas sites with TEMAIRAZU.NET?

Demand for foreign visitors to Japan has steadily increased due to the fast-growing city in Asia, the launch of LCCs, and the decision to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The inbound industry attracts an important factor in this industry. The hotel is also focusing on attracting inbound customers not only from Asia but also from large areas, but managing the increasing number of channels has become an issue. Effortless .NET allows you to centrally manage multiple overseas OTAs, increase the efficiency of reservation management operations, and increase sales channels by developing OTAs at a low cost. In addition, because it is possible to connect with wholesalers, it is also an advantage that efficient inventory adjustment and linkage of reservation information using XML are possible. I think this is a very important solution for future inbound customers.

Operation diagram showing connectivity with multiple overseas accommodation reservation site and wholesalers

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