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The work efficiency has been further improved by switching to the new ASP version. The options of the headquarters management function are also used conveniently. Minacia co., Ltd.

We interviewed Ms. Maki Takeuchi.

Changed from "TEMAIRAZU of old installation version!" To "TEMAIRAZU.NET" stores.

Please tell us your impression of transferring to "TEMAIRAZU.NET".

Since the basic sales channel selection and inventory management are left to the person in charge at each facility, the system is used on-site without any hassle, but since the update speed has greatly increased, the person in charge is also important. Even in the event of an emergency such as a disaster, ASP can be operated remotely without relying on a personal computer.

Please tell me how to use "TEMAIRAZU.NET".

Using the optional "Headquarters Management Function" between each facility and the headquarters, the staff in charge of creating and reporting reports on sales and performance, and confirmed by the headquarters, has been able to greatly reduce the costs involved in the work. Was. If you can reflect on the detailed needs of the chain hotel headquarters in the function, you can use it more conveniently.

Operation diagram used for "headquarters management function" and "rate survey"

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