Hotel Wing International Yokohama Kannai

By unifying reservation information of net agent and real agent. This has made it easier to manage reservations.

From,Hotel Wing International Yokohama Kannai Manager Hondo Kondo

Hotel Wing International Yokohama Kannai is one of group hotel chain in Japan. Also, it unified management of the net and the real agency.

Please tell me the merits of linking .NET with a travel agency information management system.

You can check reservation information from real agents on a single screen with TEMAIRAZU.NET , which is very useful for smooth operations. Guest management by creating a list of all guests on the day including the net agent and real agent using the reservation list printing function, and unifying the reservation information format via the net agent and real agent using the reservation card printing function, We were able to facilitate check-in operations. Also, since data can be linked to the PMS, there is no need to enter reservation information, which is very helpful.

Operation diagram linking travel agency and information management system

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