High performance and high quality!

TEMAIRAZU expand sales opportunities. Also, it accurately manage inventories on real time. You can manege reservation channels more effectively. Also, you can upgrade room occupancy rate drasticaly. Thereby, you can achive improved revenue and reduced cost.


Enabling the next generation of revenue management

TEMAIRAZU is mounted automatic adjustment of reservation channel and rate, by number of inventories. You can adjust sales rate depending on situation. Thereby, Temirazu can operate advanced yield management by maximized revenue and optimized cost.

Functionality Comparison Table

Short-Term Reservation Occurrence Alert check check
Inventory No. alert check check
Midnight function check check
Batch Registration of Inventory No. function check check
Extension of Plan Sales Period check check
Sales close by No. of People Calendar check check
Rate group batch setting check check
Plan Batch Registration check check
Distribution Channel Auto Adjustment function check
Target Price check
GLOBAL setting check
Booking Analytics check
Reservation History check
Rate Survey add check

check : Standard Functionalities add : Optional Functionalities

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