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Manage multiple reservation sites from a single place

Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU inventory admin panel

Checking and adjusting inventories and prices are on the same screen. Also, you can stop selling in bulk with all rooms.

Also, you can stop selling in bulk with all rooms. We centerlized the three key elements of hotel management as room inventories, prices and reservations.Also, we achieve quick status check and easy access to the management tools.Inventory adjustment can be done with ease (as in an excel file), collectively updating the room inventory for a group of reservation sites.Reservation status can also be viewed by the click of a button. Prices are color coded (each code representing a price range), making them easy to understand visually, and changing the color code allows you update a group of sites at once.

Reservation information list

Batch management of reservation information for all sites.

Reservation information of all the managed reservation sites can be viewed on single screen (can be used as a check-in list). It also supports the function of searching for reservations under specified conditions.


Automatic adjustment according to the situation

Automatic sales price adjustment function

Automatic adjustment of selling price according to the stock quantity.

By applying pre-set rate adjustment rules such as reducing the price if inventory is high or raising the price if inventory reduces below a certain threshold. Thus with the help of this function the rates automatically vary with the inventory count.

Function for stopping sales according to reservation sites

Automatically stop sales for selected sites based on the inventory count.

In response to the last updated inventory count, on days with high operation or close to the check-in dates, you will be able to stop selling to reservation sites with high commissions. This results in the optimization of sales and maximizing profits


Efficient operations

PMS system linking diagram

linking TEMAIRAZU to PMS

Reservation Information entered in each site can be directlysent to the Property Management System, thus preventing manual errors. TEMAIRAZU not only supports reservation linkage but also inventory linkage (2 way), as a result making reservation management highly effiicient.

Reservation card print function

Reservation Notifications of all sites have a uniform format

Usually the notification details vary from site to site. With the use of TEMAIRAZU, notifications can be received from the sites in a single format. This will greatly improve business effiiciency by reducing time and workload. The notification can be sent in a variety of ways such as e-mail, fax or reservation card. In particular, when printing on the reservation card, the contents of the reservation card can also be customized with respect to the hotel's own required format.


Analysis of reservation information

Analysis of reservation information

Easily aggregate data such as sales, occupancy and lead time

Get insights from visual representations of reservation notification analysis reports. By following booking trends as in how many days in advance the rooms have been booked, you can be able to determine offers such as early bird or last minute discounts. Graph of the number of bookings can provide strong insights on the hotel's growth. Similarly you can keep track of room occupancy, average room unit price and REVPAR based on past performance. This information can be exploited to boost the hotel's sales and maximize profits.

Comparison of selling prices of competing facilities

Check and compare with competitor's prices

You can check data such as sales prices, inventory status of competing facilities, plan trends and minimum and maximum rates through tables and graphs. It is a tool to tactfully compare pricings, reduce risk of large discounts and set competing prices to other hotels.


Additional functions

Sales analysis of each store from headquarters

Check sales and reservation status of each facility from the operation headquarters

This function is usually is convenient when a hotel belongs to a chain of hotels. You can view the reservation status and sales status for each facility.You don't have to wait for summarized reports from each facility, thus cutting workload by half and be able to view real time data for each hotel/ inn with ease

The company's official website is posted on the Metasearch site

Maximize revenue by posting your site on MetaSearch

The hotel's website will be posted on the company's homepage. On your own website you can display the cheapest plan, you can expect an increase in sales by maximizing direct reservations by directing users to your company homepage.Metasearch sites are used by many countries and users,It is possible to attract inbound customers on a global scale without being restricted to countries and regions.

Group reservation management image

Centralized management of group accommodation reservations

We manage individual and group accommodation reservations together. Example: Telephones and faxes from travel agencies, etc.Thus for reservations sent through e-mail, you will be relieved from the complexity of managing paper ledgers and spreadsheet software.

Switch display language between Japanese and English

The language of the TEMAIRAZU's admin panel can be switched between Japanese and English

It is possible to switch in any page by just the click of a button. Thus making it convenient for foreign staff as well.

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