What is a Channel Manager?

What is a Channel Manager?

It is a system that collectively manages room inventory, plan sales prices, guest reservation information, etc. posted on multiple accommodation reservation sites (OTA). In addition to OTA, data is linked with the booking engine (BE), wholesaler, and hotel system (PMS) to prevent overbooking and improve the efficiency of sales management operations.

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In the conventional accommodation reservation management (* no need "system"), multiple reservation sites are operated individually, and to avoid the risk of overbooking, the number of guest rooms in stock is distributed and registered for each accommodation reservation site. As a result, inventory management work at each accommodation reservation site takes time and effort, and unsold items may occur. By using the Channel Manager, inventory adjustment can be performed automatically, which leads to more efficient inventory management. Also, since it is possible to centrally manage multiple accommodation reservation sites, it is possible to minimize the occurrence of unsold items.

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Benefits of using Channel Manager


Expansion of sales channels

Since it is possible to manage multiple accommodation reservation sites centrally, it is possible to expand sales channels by handling many linked reservation sites inside and outside the country and reach non acquired potential customers.


Management cost reduction

Since each accommodation reservation site updates can be managed automatically 24/7, leading efficient management, reducing human costs, and the workflow can be unified.


Maximize profits

Efficient inventory management leads to the prevention of unsold opportunities, and optimal sales target management and price-setting enable the accurate approach to the target.

Our Channel Manager "TEMAIRAZU"

Features of the Channel Manager

The Channel Manager "TEMAIRAZU" integrates the three management functions of room inventory, plan prices, and reservation information, which is mainly managed by accommodation facilities, This is the interface that is easy for anyone to operate. It has received comments from the accommodation facilities that it is an easy-to-use channel manager. Also, departments such as customer support, development, and sales work closely together to support the operation of accommodation facilities by coordinating with real-time updates and high functionality, abundant customer attraction channels, and related systems.

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