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What is Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU?

TEMAIRAZU inventory admin panel

TEMAIRAZU is the channel manager for accommodation such as hotels and ryokans (Japanese style hotels). It centralizely manage room inventories, rate informaion and reservations which are posted multiple reservation channels. Thereby, it implement maximized revenue and reducing cost by effective reservation management.

multi platform support

TEMAIRAZU mounts much functions for effective management and maximized revenue.

TEMAIRAZU has basic functions as channel manager which centralizely manage room inventories, rate informaion and reservations. Also,it mount much additional functions as automatic information update, analizing function. Those functions carry effective reservation management for accommodation and maximized sales.

No. of connected services : No.1 performance in this industory.

No. of connected services : No.1 performance in this industory.

You can integrate much channels and services by TEMAIRAZU. They are major reservation sites in domestic and international, also the booking engines for own homepage, whole sale and international, also the booking engines for own homepage, wholesalers which can reach B to B market. Metaserch which increase trafic to own website and so on. Otherwise it connect property management system (PMS) which operate customer information, revenue management system (RMS), check in system, switcher and so on.



High performance and high quality!

TEMAIRAZU expand sales opportunities. Also, it accurately manage inventories on real time. You can manege reservation channels more effectively. Also, you can upgrade room occupancy rate drasticaly. Thereby, you can achive improved revenue and reduced cost.


Enabling the next generation of revenue management

TEMAIRAZU is mounted automatic adjustment of reservation channel and rate, by number of inventories. You can adjust sales rate depending on situation. Thereby, Temirazu can operate advanced yield management by maximized revenue and optimized cost.


TEMAIRAZU mini admin panel

Collectively manage distribution channels for multiple properties

TEMAIRAZU mini display information of multiple properties on the same screen.Then it can centrally manage room inventories, sales prices, reservations and so on. TEMAIRAZU mini is suitable system directed at small scale properties and vacation rentals.



Centralized management of group reservations

Group reservations can be managed with TEMAIRAZU. Both personal and group accommodation reservations are managed together. The accommodation resolve their management from the complexity with paper ledgers and spreadsheets. Because they can register the reservations by phone, fax and email from travel agency on us.


TEMANASHI NEXT booking engine that can be selected according to the needs of the facility

Booking engine that can be selected according to the needs of the facility

Application version adopts SPA (Single Page Application), a design-applied version that reduces reservation stress with a small number of screen changes. API version that allows you to use the original booking engine by incorporating the API into free conductors and designs.

User Interview

User review Channel Manager

User Interview

We introduce operation improvements and success cases, of our channel manager "TEMAIRAZU" users. We interviewed person in charge about back ground of intrduction, attractiveness of our service, operation system with our channel manager and so on.

Recruitment Information

"TEMAIRAZU" is a system that can collectively manage data received from accomodation reseervation sites. This has resulted in the increase in the number of facilities listed in the reservation sites and leading to increase in plan information allowing accomodation facilities to easily manage information. This has also broadened the options for travelers and created a virtuous circle in the travel industry. What we do is "Support the travel industry". Do you want to use your experience to help grow Japan's largest industry?

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Company Profile

Company name

Temairazu, Inc.

Securities code 2477
Head Office Location


7th, Ebisu NR building, 1-21-3, Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo

Osaka Sales Office


3rd Maida Building, 8-12 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita, Osaka

Fukuoka Sales Office


Onuki Hakata Ekimae Building 6F, 3-6-12 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Contact Information +81(0)3-5447-6690
Established Date August 4, 2003
Initial Capital 715,438,105 JPY
Company Description

Development and provision of Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU Series

Operation of the comparison website

Board of Directors
  • President and CEO - Tetsuo Watanabe
  • Outside Director - Kazuo Suzuki
  • Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) - Yoshiro Nagamata
  • Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) - Yuki Yamamoto
  • Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) - Tomohiro Suzaki